Lockdown portrait challenge

With all this extra free time, I thought I would try and use this time productively and I set myself the challenge to draw 1 portrait sketch a day from something I have enjoyed watching. This was in the hope that by the end, I would feel a little more confident at drawing portraits.

(It also meant that I could enjoy Netflix binging without as much guilt! win, win…)

Here is how I got on.

First, had to be Tiger King. I sketched Joe Exotic’s mug shot. In this photo I think he looks a little different to what he does in the series. He was actually quite fun to sketch as he has quite distinct features!

Next portrait sketches were based on Ozark – such a must see!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Crown. So decided to sketch both actors of the Queen from the two seasons.

‘You’ is such a great psychological series. Thoroughly enjoyed this one too!

One film that was on the watch list for so long was Dunkirk. This was an amazing historical film.

I really enjoyed this challenge. There were some failed portraits along the way, but I definitely feel that I have begun to get more of an idea of placement of the features and an idea of the form of our heads from this practise. Portraits are challenging but fun to draw. I learnt to keep going with a portrait, they look odd when you just begin but there is something really rewarding when you begin to see a likeness to the person that you are drawing.

I also really enjoyed watching recommendations along the way too! I really want to continue this regular sketching in my sketchbook. I found that Sketching from programmes you have watched a great way to find a reference image quickly. You are not searching for ages trying to find the perfect image or awkwardly asking someone to sit for you!

If you have any recommended watches, please let me know. I’d love to carry on this practise every now and again.

I have also documented this on my Instagram. Have a look to see what other paintings I have begun on there too. https://www.instagram.com/georginasaundersart/